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Our Diagnostic Assessment is designed to enable us to commence our first lesson immediately. It allows us to determine the student’s reading level, orthographic processing ability, knowledge of basic spelling patterns and rules, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and penmanship.

Our Diagnostic Assessment is followed up with a verbal report. While your child is being assessed, we offer a consultation with parents at no additional charge.

Although we are trained to deliver these diagnostic probes by an Educational Psychologist, we are not qualified to make a diagnosis of a learning disability. However, we can assist you in the decision to pursue further testing by a qualified Educational Psychologist. Having an LD diagnosis by a psychologist allows for you to claim our fees on the medical portion of your income tax.

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Orton-Gillingham Program

Our Orton-Gillingham program is:

  • a specific methodology and approach to learning
  • presented and taught using the four main learning pathways: visual (by seeing), auditory ( by hearing and speaking), tactile (by touching) and kinesthetic (movement).
  • Direct teaching of phonics (sound/symbol relationships) and spelling rules & generalizations
  • individualized and based on the unique needs and abilities of each individual student
  • sequential, cumulative and phonetically controlled; concepts are taught in a specific order of presentation in order to build confidence and self-esteem
  • a one-on-one tutoring session that introduces, teaches, reinforces and helps the student over-learn the sound-symbol relationships, spelling rules and syllabication strategies used to encode and decode English. The strategy is complex to implement, but simple for the student to understand and be led through by our Orton-Gillingham practitioners. It builds one block on top of the other to reinforce reading and writing skills, cementing lasting change.
  • fosters confidence in our students. They experience success in both reading and writing from the very beginning, at their own pace, learning through the sensory pathways. Our step-by-step tutoring approach allows for an experience that is individualized to each student’s needs.

We recommend:

  • Minimum twice weekly sessions for optimal results for children in the Orton-Gillingham program

Written Output

Does your child struggle with the writing process?

Our writing program helps students that struggle to get words onto paper. We start our writing process with keyboarding instruction. We then teach students how to create documents and folders on the computer. Finally, we use a writing software to facilitate the process of writing; brainstorming, organization, writing, revising, editing and proofreading and lastly, publishing.

Our multisensory writing program engages students to actively participate in a process or activity. By doing this, they will learn to generate ideas so that they can springboard from their experience when faced with a blank sheet of paper. Using software to assist with the writing process, the student then concentrates on the mechanics of writing. They will practice writing a variety of paragraphs using criteria and templates that they can build on and continue to hone their writing skills. Students will learn these skills in a step-by-step, systematic format.


We offer individualized multi-sensory 1:1 math instruction. We can structure the lesson to best suit your child’s learning needs. Many students struggle with the language component of learning mathematics. Our assessment can identify language based struggles students may have in math.  Focus on math foundations or homework support can all be incorporated into each student’s plan.

Assisted Technology & Keyboarding

Direct instruction is necessary to adequately master keyboarding skills. We use a multisensory approach to teaching keyboarding that is fun and effective.

One on one individual keyboarding sessions can be incorporated into a student’s daily lesson if they are enrolled in one of our programs.

Huge changes in remediation of language based learning differences lie in Assistive Technology such as the use of word processors, iPads, software, and the new and innovative products emerging every day. Our stations are all equipped with iPads for tutor/student use.

Orton-Gillingham Practitioners at Stepping 4words Learning Center research and collaborate with businesses, educators, and work hands-on with their students, to stay apprised of this rapidly emerging and ever-changing technology.

Canine Reading Buddy

Student with Canine Buddy Lark
Please Note: Lark is not at the Center some Wednesdays and every Friday.

The benefit a dog has on humans has been documented throughout history. We can attest to this as we have witnessed the positive impact our Canine Reading Buddy, Lark, has on the students that attend Stepping 4words Learning Center.

Lark is a beautiful, friendly and gentle yellow Labrador Retriever. Her primary duty is to provide a welcoming unconditional acceptance of our students without prejudice or judgment of their performance. Students read with Lark and play educational games as part of their learning experience. For children with an ADD/ADHD component, Lark is invaluable in redirecting the students’ energy, all to optimize their learning outcome at Stepping 4words Learning Center.

Intervention Dogs are used to alleviate both physical and emotional stresses that often accompany students struggling with learning. The medical profession has widely acknowledged that stroking and petting animals can have a calming effect, lower blood pressure, and relieve tension. An intervention dog is trained to provide affection and comfort to people. Lark has a wonderful disposition and is accepted with enthusiasm by our students.

"Our son started with Stepping 4words in early 2015 and he wasn’t able to read anywhere near grade level at that time – and he avoided working on ‘difficult’ tasks at all costs. However, our choice to work with the Orton-Gillingham tutors at Stepping 4words was fantastic: he actually looked forward to his sessions and didn’t complain even once about going for tutoring twice a week – and a summer boot camp as well.

Coral and Nina have been excellent tutors for our son, but the star of the show and the beacon that draws him there for every session is Lark, hands down. He LOVES that dog and it wouldn’t be the same without her! She is an amazing part of the center and such an asset to young learners who are a bit self-conscious about their abilities. Thank you very much Dana and Coral for providing such a great opportunity for our son to learn."  - Kelly