We specialize in helping
struggling learners

 dis Abilities ~ Our Specialty

We specialize in helping
struggling learners

 dis Abilities ~ Our Specialty

We specialize in helping
struggling learners

 dis Abilities ~ Our Specialty

Is this you?

If your child is struggling in school, but has not been identified as having a learning difference, we can help! Our individualized 1:1 tutoring allows us to determine a plan that is personal and unique - much like your child!

Learning differences (LD) encompass a variety of disorders that have a negative effect on a student’s ability to learn. If you suspect your child has a learning difference, you should seek advice from a psychologist.

Our specialty is in the remediation of students with a language based learning difference such as dyslexia. Tutoring in research based Orton-Gillingham methodology is the prescribed remediation for students that struggle to read and spell.

Our program is designed to relieve children with ADHD of the stresses of learning by involving each student in the learning process! Our sessions are designed to optimize the focus of the student with movement and activities that keep them engaged!

How We Can Help

Call us to book your Intake Evaluation at 604-837-2459.  After your Intake Evaluation, we will make recommendations for your child’s individualized learning needs.

After you have enrolled in our program, their very first lesson will be the beginning of their personalized learning plan at Stepping 4words Learning Center.

We offer tutoring to address a comprehensive range of challenges:

•  Orton-Gillingham program

•  Math

•  Assisted technology & keyboarding

About Us

We have been there!

Stepping 4words Learning Center’s founder, Dana Ricci is a parent of a child that was diagnosed with a learning difference and she has experienced firsthand, how difficult it is to navigate a system to ensure that the needs of a struggling student are met!

Dana brings over 25 years of experience to the table to help you with the educational needs of your child AND with advocacy tools to help assist you in obtaining services that will benefit your child.

We're trained for this!

Our Orton-Gillingham practitioners are trained in the Orton-Gillingham methodology through CATT, The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners, or by extensive training and mentoring at Stepping 4words Learning Center.

We are comfy!

Our offices are located in a heritage building in Port Moody. Our space is welcoming. Many of our students ask us if we live here!

With friendly staff welcoming students at the door we are an unconventional learning space – far from an institutionalized setting.

We care!

We pride ourselves in being available to help our families. We are available for meetings, phone calls, and emails throughout your child’s enrollment at Stepping 4words Learning Center and often beyond!

Our long-term dedicated staff can assist you with implementing your child’s IEP, corresponding with your child’s teacher to help streamline their remediation. We are just a phone call away and happy to help alleviate the stress that your child may be feeling at school.

"A couple of weeks ago, (my son) asked me if he could go to "tutoring" more frequently.  He already goes to S4W three times a week and that's all we can do.  But kudos to (his tutor) and your excellent program!  You must be on the right track if a 7 year old will ask to go more often, and will break a play date with his best friend to go to tutoring and not utter one complaint about it."

~ Christine S.

"I just wanted to thank you and my son’s tutor for providing us with materials to reinforce his learning!  I really appreciate it!  Your team is doing a great job and we’re so lucky that there’s a place nearby that can provide good quality, enjoyable O-G tutoring."

~ Port Moody Parent

"Thank you so much for making tutoring such a painless and fun experience for my child."

~ Anmore Parent

"I can't say enough great things about Stepping 4words. A year ago, our son was falling behind his peers in reading and his self-confidence was low. After a year of tutoring he's now reading at grade level, he volunteers to read aloud in class and his classmates compliment him on his reading ability. His confidence is growing as much as his reading skills are. Stepping 4words also helped us identify that he has an auditory processing difference along with dyslexia. This was the final piece to the puzzle which helped us understand what he was going through and how best to help him. Thank you for providing such high level education and support in a fun and encouraging environment!"

~ Port Coquitlam Parents

"We chose your Learning Center because you were the only center in our community that offered assisted technology. "

~ Dr. D, a Coquitlam parent

"We've seen real progress with (our son’s) reading, not only with his ability to read new things, but also in his interest in reading. He's actively looking for things to read like signs, notes, books, etc. That tells me that he's developing a confidence and curiosity with reading which can only lead to good things. Very exciting and we're pleased with the great work you and your team are doing to help kids like (our son)."

~ Kevin H.

"Thank you for all your support and wonderful programming. My daughter has had a great year and her confidence has risen. She is doing well in school and is able to use the tools you have taught her."

~ Port Coquitlam Parent

"She may not always want to go to tutoring, but she always leaves happier and inspired."

~ Port Coquitlam Parent