BUNDLE SET 3: Lesson 59 – 76


Grade Levels
1st – 5th, Homeschool

English Language Arts, Early Intervention, Phonics

Resource Type
Worksheets, Activities, Homework

Formats Included


This bundle set includes lessons 58 – 75.

Concepts included in this package are:

  • weirdies
  • BOMP spelling rule
  • open syllable
  • v/cv syllable division
  • vc/v syllable division
  • consonant l e syllable
  • kind old words

Packages included:

Lesson 58: weirdies a father, wa wasp, qua squash

Lesson 59: all ball

Lesson 60: V/CV syllable division / Pony Pattern / Open Syllable ā, ē, ī, ō, ū, ōō

Lesson 61: Buzz Off Miss Pill Spelling Rules

Lesson 62: ble table

Lesson 63: dle candle

Lesson 64: fle waffle

Lesson 65: gle bugle

Lesson 66: ple purple

Lesson 67: tle turtle

Lesson 68: zle puzzle

Lesson 69: VC/V syllable division / Robin Pattern

Lesson 70: ckle pickle / kle sparkle / cle uncle

Lesson 71: u put

Lesson 72: war warm / quar quarter

Lesson 73: Kind Old Words -ind, -old, -ild, -ost

Lesson 74: Kind Old Words -oll, -olt

Lesson 75: aw saw

Our worksheet packages are intended to be taught in lesson order (lesson 1, lesson 2, etc.) to ensure the material is phonetically controlled and builds on the student’s previously taught concepts.

For a more in depth look at what is included in each package please see individual listings.