Initial ‘l’ Blends Board Game


Formats Included

8 pages


Initial ‘l’ Blends Board Game

Make learning fun with this simple initial ‘l’ blends board game. Players take a turn picking up a card and identifying the correct vowel sound to complete each word.

  • Includes two versions of the game board:
    • One black and white – to save on ink/for you to color as you wish.
    • One colored version.
  • Includes game set-up instructions and rules.
  • Includes 36 word cards and 1 blank page to add your own words
  • Includes the 6 blend cards to complete each word cards. (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl,)

Player game pieces are not included – you can use any game pieces from other board games, bingo chips, blocks, coins, etc.

It is recommended to print each page on thick card stock. This will help the cards last longer. Alternatively, you could laminate each page before cutting them out. Placing the game board in a clear plastic page protector will also help maintain its shape.