Lesson 4: Consonant ‘b’


Formats Included

5 pages


This worksheet package focuses on the consonant ‘b’ as in bat and ball. Great for beginning learners to practice their letter formation, sounding out skills, and phonemic awareness. Our worksheet packages build phonemic awareness skills in a sequential order and are intended to be worked through starting from lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3 etc.

Includes 5 pages:

Page 1 – Trace, sound out, match – Students should be guided to letter name and sound out as they trace each letter and match it to the picture that begins with the same sound. (ex. b says /b/ for picture match keyword)

Page 2 – Letter Tracing – Students practice tracing each letter and should repeat the story as they trace (ex. b says /b/ for bat and ball)

Page 3 – Letter Formation – Students practice their own letter formation by tracing the letter then continuing along the row forming their own letter. Placing a green dot where the letter begins can be helpful for students. This page can be saved for students to return to and continue their letter formation.

Page 4 – Coloring page – Students color only the pictures on the page that begin with the sound in the instruction box.

Page 5 – Spelling Page – The provided spelling page has traceable phonetically controlled spelling words as per our worksheet order.

We recommend observing the student/child as they work through this package to ensure proper letter formation and that the correct vowel value is given when sounding out.