BUNDLE SET 1: Lessons 1 – 37


Grade Levels
PreK – 4th, Homeschool

English Language Arts, Early Intervention, Phonics

Resource Type
Worksheets, Activities, Handouts

Formats Included

148 pages


This complete bundle package includes Lessons 1 through 37. It includes short vowels, consonants, digraphs, blends, cvc, ccvc, cvcc, ccvcc words. Our Orton-Gillingham based worksheet packages introduce students to phonics in a sequential order that helps build phonemic awareness. See individual packages for complete descriptions.

1. Short Vowel 'a' 11. Short Vowel 'o' 21. Consonant 'w' 31. End Blends Group 2
2. Consonant 'm' 12. Consonant 'p' 22. Consonant 'y' 32. End Blends Group 3
3. Consonant 't' 13. Consonant 'l' 23. Consonant 'x' 33. Alien Sound '-ng'
4. Consonant 'b' 14. Consonant 'n' 24. Consonant 'z' 34. Alien Sound '-nk'
5. Consonant 's' 15. Consonant 'f' 25. Consonant 'k' 35. Consonant Digraph 'ck'
6. Consonant 'c' 16. Consonant 'g' 26. Consonant Digraph 'qu' 36. Consonant Digraphs 'th' and 'ch'
7. Short Vowel 'i' 17. Short Vowel 'u' 27. Initial 'l' Blends 37. Consonant Digraphs 'wh' and 'sh'
8. Consonant 'h' 18. Consonant 'j' 28. Initial 'r' Blends
9. Consonant 'd' 19. Consonant 'v' 29. Initial 's' Blends
10. Consonant 'r' 20. Short Vowel 'e' 30. End Blends Group 1

While our packages are designed to introduce your child to the basic phonograms, one-on-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring is more in-depth; covering different spelling rules, syllable types, and division patterns. If you have a struggling learner we are here to help. Located in Port Moody, BC, Stepping 4words Learning Center Ltd. is open for online tutoring as well as in-person sessions. Contact us through our website at www.stepping4words.com