Lesson 45: er her (suffix)


Formats Included

9 pages


This worksheet package focuses on the sound /er/ as in her. This package focuses on -er as a suffix.

Great for beginning learners to practice their letter formation, sounding out skills, and phonemic awareness. Our worksheet packages build phonemic awareness skills in a sequential order and are intended to be worked through starting from lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3 etc.

Includes 9 pages:

Page 1 – -er as a suffix meaning and explanation

Page 2 – Trace, sound out, match – Students should be guided to sound out as they trace each letter to spell and match the word to the correct picture.

Page 3 – Read and circle the correct word

Page 4 – Match and spell

Page 5 – Sort the words into the correct column based on the meaning

Page 6 – Word List for reading and spelling dictation

Page 7/8 – Supplementary story

Page 9 – Record sheet for spelling practice

We recommend observing the student/child as they work through this package to ensure proper letter formation and that the correct sound value is given when sounding out.