Lesson 62: Buzz Off Miss Pill Spelling Rule


Formats Included

7 pages


This worksheet package focuses on the “Buzz Off Miss Pill” spelling rule.

Great for students to practice their sounding out skills and phonemic awareness. Our worksheet packages build phonemic awareness skills in a sequential order and are intended to be worked through starting from lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3 etc.

Includes 7 pages:

Page 1 – Rule definition

Page 2 – Fill in the blanks

Page 3 – Applying the rule worksheet

Page 4 – Sight word

Page 5 – Reading list for spelling dictation

Page 6 – Supplementary story

Page 7 – Record sheet for spelling practice

We recommend observing the student/child as they work through this package to ensure proper letter formation and that the correct sound value is given when sounding out.