Syllable Marking Review Booklet – #1


Grade Levels
PreK – 5th, Homeschool

English Language Arts, Early Intervention, Phonics

Resource Type
Activities, Homework, Printables

Formats Included

41 pages


Syllable Marking Booklet

This 41 page booklet follows our complete Bundle Set 1 worksheet packages, from a says /a/ for apple, to sh /sh/ for don’t shout!

Hand Book One Syllable Marking focuses on closed syllables.

Included in this workbook is:

  • The definition of a syllable
  • Understanding how to identify a syllable
  • Definition of a closed syllable & how to identify a closed syllable
  • Vowel and Consonant reference page
  • 37 pages of syllable marking practice worksheets

This workbook is perfect for students needing to practice marking and reading CVC, CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC words. This resource could also be used as a weekly spelling word list!

Phonograms Included:

short vowel a apple
b bat
c cookie
d dog
short vowel e Ed
f feather
g green glasses
h horse
short vowel i igloo
j jump
k kite
l leg
m mountain
n no neck
short vowel o octopus
p purple Peter
qu quiet queen
r rabbit
s silly snake
t teapot
short vowel u up
v valley
w wells of water
x ax
y yellow yoyo
z zig zag
beginning blends (split into groups)
ending blends (split into groups)
three letter blends (split into groups)
ng alien sound
nk alien sound
ck black brick
th the thumb
ch chew
wh whip
sh don’t shout
mixed marking
-s/-es suffix marking