Syllable Marking Review Booklet – #2


Grade Levels
PreK – 5th, Homeschool

English Language Arts, Early Intervention, Phonics

Resource Type
Activities, Homework, Printables

Formats Included

38 pages


Syllable Marking Booklet

Syllable Marking Booklet #2

This 38 page booklet follows our complete Bundle Set 2 worksheet packages, from ar says /ar/ for car, to ow says /ow/ for cow

Hand Book Two Part 1 Syllable Marking focuses on reviewing closed syllables, vowel r controlled syllables, vowel consonant e syllables, vowel team syllables, VC/CV syllable division, VC/CCV syllable division, VCC/CV syllable division and additional suffixes.

Included in this workbook is:

  • The definition of a syllable
  • Understanding how to identify a syllable
  • Definition of a closed syllable & how to identify and mark
  • Definition of a vowel r controlled syllable & how to identify and mark
  • Definition of a vowel consonant e syllable & how to identify and mark
  • Definition of a vowel team syllable & how to identify and mark
  • Vowel and Consonant reference page
  • VC/CV Syllable Division Instructions (Rabbit Pattern)
  • VC/CCV Syllable Division Instructions (Monster Pattern)
  • VCC/CV Syllable Division Instructions (Pumpkin Pattern)
  • 28 pages of syllable marking practice worksheets

This workbook is perfect for students needing to practice marking and reading syllables and words. This resource could also be used as a weekly spelling word list!

Phonograms Included:

ar car
a-e safe
i-e like
o-e home
u-e mule/rule
e-e these
er her
VC/CV Syllable Division
ed rained (suffix)
ed flooded (suffix)
ed stopped (suffix)
-ing ringing (suffix)
VC/CCV Syllable Division
or fork
VCC/CV Syllable Division
ee tree
ie pie
oa boat
ai nail
ea eat
oe toe
ir bird
ou out
ow cow